Wind & Storm Mitigation


The biggest threat to Florida every year is if we are going to get hit by a Hurricane or not. Everyone knows the damage that can be caused by these storms either by the large amounts of water or the gusting winds. Even if you prepare for the worst these storms can inflict damage upon your home. The winds can hurl things damaging your roofs or windows which can lead to water damage inside your home. The high-powered winds can rip shingles, soffits, gutters, and siding off your house. They can also cause trees to fall, damaging your property’s structure or roof. Whatever the damage JASDINC is here to help 24/7. The main thing is first limiting the damage to your home.

The main goal after the storm stops is to limit further damage to your home. This includes tarping your roof or windows to stop any water from entering your home. Also, any tree removal or water mitigation that is necessary. At JASDINC we are available 24/7 to help you after a hurricane as left your home or business vulnerable.



You’d be surprised how much damage we can limit to your house by performing emergency services. If you wait water can seep into your home any number of ways leading to water damage or even mold in your home. This is why we tarp any part of your roof or windows that have been damage to stop any water from finding its way into your property. Also, removing trees is important to limit the structural damage it does to your house, but also imperative in the safety of your family. Just because a tree is leaning against your house or sitting on your roof doesn’t mean that your house is safe. These trees can eventually end up falling through your roof or fall onto your car in the drive way. So, for the safety of your property and family tree removal should be done as fast as possible. After, we perform these emergency services your home will need repairs so keep or reconstruction and remodel team in mind as we are a full-service restoration company taking care of you through the whole process.

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During storms everyone needs emergency services due to all the damage. Here at JASDINC we are prepared with our big storm team standing by ready to provide tarps and tree removal to everyone in need. We will be standing by on phones to receive your call, and move as quickly as possible to tarp your roof or remove a tree. We are waiting to hear from you!


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