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How To Tell If You Have Mold

Here in South Florida, we live in a very humid climate most of the time. If you have had any moisture intrusion in your home or an AC failure, chances are some mold has grown in your living area. Whether or not it affects your air quality can be checked by an air quality specialist or an Industrial Hygienist. They are licensed to take air and surface samples and write a “prescription” that we, the mold remediators, follow. We at JASD Restoration are licensed mold remediators by the State of Florida and licensed General Contractors.

A good prescription called a “protocol” will tell you the type and amount of mold spores. Where they are concentrated and what to do to remove them and bring home air quality back to industry standards. This usually means the air quality inside is at least the same as outside your home or better.

Once we receive a protocol, we go over it in detail with the homeowner. If remediation is warranted, we go over the procedure, get signed work authorization, and present our protocol and estimated costs to the insurance company. We then schedule the work, and after we are finished, we would ask that a post-remediation test is done to ensure the air quality is acceptable. We then provide you that report for your records.

Often, a mold situation will occur because someone ignored a water leak or water is leaking inside the wall or under the slab and goes unnoticed for long enough to let mold grow. Mold needs moisture and a water source to grow. It can also dry out but only be dormant to start growing again if the water source comes back. So it is important to find and remove the water source first before remediation starts.

We plastic off the affected areas, close off the AC ducts ( in many cases, the air handler and ducts need to be deodorized also), remove any damaged building material or flooring, clean the area with germicide and HEPA vacuums, then run air scrubbing equipment and dehumidifiers We contain the areas and remove all damaged material in bags as to not contaminate any of the unaffected areas of the home.

Once clearance is obtained, we can provide estimates to you and the insurance company to repair any damage during the remediation process and perform the work to industry quality standards.

We at JASD Restoration care about your air quality and want you to be safe and healthy in your home. If a mold assessment is desired, we will come to you to review at no charge before we schedule any testing or work.

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