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Water Damage– If your experiencing any water damage or flooding please give us a call ASAP. Waiting to start the water mitigation process can lead to mold and cause further damage to arise.

Fire Damage– The first priority with a fire is your immediate safety. After everyone is safe call us for help with emergency board up. This ensures that your home is secure after the fire department leaves. After that we would begin emergency fire and smoke damage restoration, which helps salvage as many personal possessions as possible. We are well educated on fire and smoke restoration, and make sure the restoration process is done correctly.

Mold Damage– Mold in your home or place of business can lead to uncomfortable living situation and health issues. If you see or smell mold in your home you need to schedule a mold inspection with us Today.

Wind/Storm Damage- Living in Florida we have to worry about Hurricanes and other storms. Winds from these storms can cause serious damage to your home/business. If your home has been damaged by wind or need a roof tarp give us a call Today.


Fair & Honest Pricing

Our companies main focus is Customer Satisfaction. We aren’t trying to take our customers for everything they have. We offer an estimate that has all costs included, and during the course of a job if any unforeseen costs arise the customer is informed immediately about possible solutions and costs. The customer has final say in all decisions which includes unforeseen issues or any upgrades. We are a local family owned company. So, when you call us you are guaranteed to talk to a real person who cares. One of our employees will always answer the phone as we do not use call centers. This allows the customer to ask any questions they have, and get an immediate answer from someone with the correct information.

Have Over 15 Years of Experience

We have been in Business for 10 years with over 15 years of experience. Customer Service is important to us so we make sure that all of our employees are trained, licensed, and certified. All of our technicians are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) educated. We keep up to date with new industry standards and technology. Your job is never going to be something we haven’t seen, and we care about our customers no matter how big or small their job is.

Fair & Honest Prices

If you’re not familiar with Xactimate. It is a program that has a dynamic pricelist that is dictated by the insurance industry. It is zip code specific and updated every month. This program allows us to come up with fair estimates that are based off average prices in the area.

Insurance Companies

We have worked with many different insurance companies in the past. We are well versed in working with all insurance companies, and can help you with your claim from beginning to end. We are a full-service restoration company so we can help you with your mitigation and remediation as well as reconstruction.

Water Damage FAQ

While contacting your insurance company is important, the best course of action is to call a water damage restoration company right away. It’s important to clean up the water and begin the dry-out as soon as possible. This is to limit the damage caused by water.

There are a couple steps to take when doing water mitigation. The first step is to extract all the excess water from flooring, carpet, and other materials that have be affected by the water. The next step is to install specialized drying equipment (dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, etc.). The amount of equipment depends on the size of the affected areas, and the amount of water. This process can take anywhere from 2-5 days. We use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to test the moisture content of materials so we know when they are dry. Other steps that are sometimes needed include drywall removal, carpet pad removal, baseboard removal, removal of cabinets, carpet cleaning, wood floor removal/repair, and mold removal.

There are two major steps in cleaning up water. The first part is mitigation which includes extracting excess water, any demolition necessary, and cleaning and drying the affected materials. This process can take anywhere from 2-5 days. The second part is repairing the damage done by the water. This step can range between days and weeks depending on the extent of the damage. This would include replacing drywall, flooring, cabinets, painting, etc. Your project manager at JASDINC. will work closely with you and your insurance company to create a timeline for the whole restoration process, and make it as short as possible so you can resume your normal way of life.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the leading body in setting standards for water mitigation. According to the IICRC S500, water damage repair should only be done by experience and trained technicians that will promptly and professionally fix water damage from a house flood according to IICRC standards. Our company along with our technicians are all IICRC certified.

Water mitigation cost depends on the size of the affected area as well as the amount of time and equipment required to complete the process, which varies job to job. Your insurance policy may cover water damage. If so, you typically would only have to pay your deductible. Which would cover the water mitigation as well as any repairs needed. Be aware that water is very destructive, and can move quickly. If not immediately removed and dried out more serious problems can occur (Mold Growth and Structural Damage). Using our years of knowledge, we make sure to use the proper amount of equipment based on your job to complete the job quickly and effectively.

There are 3 different categories of water: Clean water, Grey water, and Black water.

  • Clean Water- isn’t harmful to people. Causes of clean water damage include sink/bathtub overflows, appliance malfunction (water heater, washing machine, etc.), or any water supply lines.
  • Gray Water- can cause harm or sickness to people since it contains contamination. Grey water is clean water that is contaminated while traveling through your house. A great example is when clean water is leaking upstairs. While it is traveling downstairs it will pass through drywall, insulation, carpet, etc. Contaminating the clean water.
  • Black Water- is highly unsanitary and can cause harm to people. The sources of black water are ground surface water and sewage.
Anytime you have a large quantity of water whether it’s from a leaking pipe or flooding it creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold loves moisture, so any surface or material that retains excess moisture for too long is at risk for developing mold. If the excess moisture caused by the intrusive water goes unchecked for too long mold will begin to grow. Mold can start to grown within 24-48 hours so it’s imperative you act fast in hiring a Water Restoration company.
Water damage can happen in many different ways, all of which require the services of an experienced and knowledgeable restoration company. A couple of the most common causes of water damage are heavy rain storms, broken or leaking pipes, and malfunctioning appliances. Another common cause of water damage is roof leaks caused by wind or rain damage.

Sometimes water damage can happen without you noticing. It won’t always be a huge puddle of water or rushing water coming from a toilet so look for these common signs of water damage:

  • Peeling Paint and Wallpaper
  • Visible Mold
  • Damp Carpets
  • Wood Floors Cupping
  • Rusting Around Showers or Tubs
  • Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls