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Our highly trained and experienced water damage cleanup and restoration team arrive on-site quickly with all the tools needed to handle any situation thrown their way. They will bring a stable of tools and equipment that are proven in the industry to help locate and remove any water trapped inside your home/business. This equipment includes hygrometers, infrared cameras, and moisture detectors to locate the water. Then we use submersible pumps, commercial air movers, dehumidifiers, and whatever else it takes to remove the water in your home/business. Once your property is successfully dried out, we move on to the restoration process until your property is as good as new.

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The Basic Steps for Water Damage Restoration
There are many different steps that will have to be taken for restoration and should only be performed by experienced, licensed, certified water restoration professionals.


Step 1: Complete Water Damage Inspection

If you experience water damage in your home or business, the first thing you need to do is call JASD Restoration. Our emergency response teams are ready 24/7, and able to respond at a moment’s notice.

An experienced and certified technician will perform a detailed assessment to determine what action needs to be taken to repair any water damage. Once this step is completed, they will evaluate if there are any safety concerns, and that all contents are safe and secure before restoration begins.


Step 2: Extraction of Water

Controlling the damage by removing all standing water should be performed as quickly as possible. All wet or damaged items such as clothing, rugs, and toys will be removed from the affected areas. After all the water has been extracted, the technicians will remove all the wet areas on walls, floors, or ceilings to help expedite the drying process.

In some cases, baseboards will be removed along the drywall that is not salvageable. Once all unsalvageable items have been removed and all wet surfaces have been wiped down any drawers or cabinets that are salvageable will be kept open to allow for proper drying.


Step 3: Water Damage Stabilization & Drying

Our Technicians only use high-grade commercial equipment, which includes dehumidifiers, air movers, wood floor drying equipment, and heaters to stimulate dry air, increase the air circulation, and create evaporation.

During the drying process, the affected area will be carefully monitored over a number of days and all results will be recorded. This is an important step to ensure that there are no possibilities of future mold growth. On average the drying process will take 2-3 days.


Step 4: Reassessing the Damage

One of our certified technicians will return to your home after your property is successfully dried out to perform another inspection to make sure there are no hidden areas that could lead to further damage or the possibility of mold.

If mold is found anywhere on your property, we will dispatch or mold remediation team to assist with the removal of the affected area. Finding mold after the drying process is complete is rare, but we always make sure to keep an eye out just to make sure.


Step 5: The Reconstruction

After the drying process is completed if there is any structural damage or materials that need to be replaced, reconstruction will begin. We are a Florida Licensed General Contractor with years of experience in the construction and remodeling field. At JASDINC., your property will all ways be in good hands.

Once the reconstruction process is completed, your home will be as good as new or better. We take pride in our customer service and expertise in water damage repair.

Water Damage Repair Frequently Asked Questions

While contacting your insurance company is important, the best course of action is to call a water damage restoration company right away. It’s important to clean up the water and begin the dry-out as soon as possible. This is to limit the damage caused by water.

Water mitigation cost depends on the size of the affected area as well as the amount of time and equipment required to complete the process, which varies job to job. Your insurance policy may cover water damage. If so, you typically would only have to pay your deductible. Which would cover the water mitigation as well as any repairs needed. Be aware that water is very destructive, and can move quickly. If not immediately removed and dried out more serious problems can occur (Mold Growth and Structural Damage). Using our years of knowledge, we make sure to use the proper amount of equipment based on your job to complete the job quickly and effectively.

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